Galerie Ruine: André Marastoni et Annette Genêt


Du jeudi 16 au dimanche 19 juin
Galerie Ruine, 15, rue des Vollandes, 1207 Genève
Vernissage le mercredi 15 juin dès 18h.

André Marastoni, (bois) et Annette Genêt (encres de Chine) présentent leurs affinités électives dans une exposition intitulée:
« La Matière telle qu’en elle-même ».

Voir quelques oeuvres d’Annette Genêt: ici

Site d’André Marastoni : ici

2 Responses to “Galerie Ruine: André Marastoni et Annette Genêt”

  1. jonathan bennetts dit :

    est que cest possible que vous avez des nouveau du dutch white et le famille white a veyrier
    le white house.J ai habite chez white house de temps aux temps pendant 1960 et 1968
    merci infinement pour une reponse
    jonathan bennetts victoria canada

  2. Musarde dit :

    Hello Jonathan, I haven’t forgotten you and I’m surprised you still remember me. How come you do? I live in Savoie at 55 miles from Veyrier and I’ve had some news from Dutch during the winter, he was in good shape. Maybe you already know that Louise died in 2000 and Stan around 1993. Dutch lives in one of the little houses in the garden, where he’s had a workshop of art restoration for many years with his flat just above it. Since he more or less retired, Shahn and Kira, two of his children are now running the workshop and Kira lives in the hen house. The White house is now fully occupied with grandchildren et the big kitchen is not anymore the « public space » it used to be. The very special spirit of Stan and Louise has past away with them, but many friends still come back every year for a party under the magnolia tree. Saku and Imof are living in the next house next to Perry and Dereck lives in Rwanda. I’m sure Dutch would be happy to give you more detailed news, here is his email contact: . All the best to you.

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